Making an impact

If you are an O.R. practitioner, or interested in OR in practice, then Making an Impact activities are designed for you. Below is a timetable summarising EURO 2016 for practitioners. And visit us at the Making an Impact stand in the conference venue.

Practitioner activities at EURO 2016 Workshops Academic-practitioner collaboration Mentoring Keynote presentations Case-study streams And throughout, streams of specialist interest
Making an Impact and other case study/practice-based Also worth checking out -
just some of the many alternatives
MA European Practitioner Network Launch MA-56 Optimization of Maritime Transportation; ROADEF/EURO Challenge; General Behavioural OR Papers; System Dynamics Session 1 Application areas
Agriculture, forestry, fisheries
Banking, finance, accounting
Climate change, environment
Defence and security
Gas, electricity, renewable
Humanitarian applications
Logistics and green logistics
New application areas
Quality management
Revenue management
Supply chain management
Sustainable development
Web engineering
Technical areas
Analytics, big data, machine learning
Behavioural OR
Game theory
Multi-criteria decision making
Optimisation of all types
Soft OR and problem-structuring
System dynamics
Vehicle Routing and Logistics
MB Mauricio Resende: Logistics Optimization at Amazon: Big Data and OR in Action MB-01 MCDA and Environmental Management 1; Memorial Session: in Honour of Rolfe Tomlinson and Maurice Shutler; OR Applications in Industry; Behavioural Issues in Decision Analysis; Healthcare Emergency Management; Scheduling in Healthcare
MC EEPA Awards MC-7 System Dynamics Business Modelling MC-30 Scheduling in Healthcare 2; OR Promotion among Academia, Business, Government, etc;
MD EEPA Awards MD-7 System Dynamics Business Modelling MD-30 Turning research into collaborative cloud applications MD-56 One-to-one mentoring, sign-up here MD-58 Defence and Security; Modelling Human Behaviour
ME Plenary: Machine Learning and Statistics via a modern optimization lens
17:30 Visit to Amazon Fulfilment Centre: places limited, sign up on the conference website
TA Academic-Practitioner Bazaar (poster session) TA-55 Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation decision support system TA-8 Modeling Software; AHP applications; links between behavioural sciences and OR
TB Gerrit Timmer: Making an Impact with OR TB-01 IBM Research Applications; Emotions and Strategic Thinking
TC Guest-OR: Linking Lean business and OR TC-38 Case studies in OR TC-27 Large-scale simulation modelling in the cloud TC-56 One-to-one mentoring, sign-up here TC-58 Studying the Micro-Processes of OR Interventions; Soft OR and problem-structuring methods in Management Science; Healthcare Services Research and Policy 1
TD Round table: Gerrit Timmer, Mike Trick, David Lane, Hans-Georg Bock TD-7 Case studies in OR: Challenges in Industry TD-27 Information-Based Medicine and Combinatorial Optimization; Support Software for MCDA; Soft OR and Problem-Structuring Methods 2; Big Data Analytics & Decision-making
TE Plenary: Why optimize? An evolutionary perspective
WA EY: Robotic process automation - threat or opportunity WA-39 Case studies in OR: People and Nature WA-27 Preference Elicitation and Learning in a MCDA Perspective; Ambulance Fleet Management 1;
WB Doing Theory and Practice: Own reflection WB-56 One-to-one mentoring, sign-up here WB-58 OR and Real Implementation 1; Behavioural Operations Management
WC Volunteering and OR: WC-56 Business analytics; Co-ordination in Humanitarian Networks;
WD Plenary: Optimizing the Kiel Canal - Integrating Dynamic Network Flows and Scheduling
WE Plenary: Closing Session

Making an Impact activities

1. Join the founding meeting of the European Practitioners' Network (click here for details)

2. Participative workshops will explore topics of immediate use and interest, such as how to make best use of the cloud for collaborative modelling or inexpensive large-scale simulation, how to move from theory to practice, and how to apply system dynamics and geo-spatial MCDA (click here for more details).

3. Academic-practitioner bazaars
Are you interested in working with an industrial partner on your theoretical developments? Are you a practitioner currently grappling with a problem that academic expertise could address? Would you like to find a partner from the other side of the academic-practitioner divide? Would you like to see what others are doing in this area?
If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!” then come and view the posters in the academic-practitioner bazaar - or book a 60-second slot to present your own work (click here for more detail).

4. Academic-practitioner round table
A panel of distinguished O.R. professionals with long experience of O.R. in academia and in practice will discuss whether and how we could do more to build co-operation across the academic-practitioner divide; and will invite contributions and questions from the audience. See main programme, TD-07

5. Case studies
Presentations ofrecent case studies with lessons for practice of O.R. In addition, streams such as Health, Defence and Security, Humanitarian Applications, Supply Chain and many more will include practical case studies within particular practice areas or methodologies. And the European Excellence in Practice Awards will showcase top applications competing for this prestigious prize.

6. Mentoring and inspiration sessions with experienced academics and practitioners

Click here.

7. Keynote talks from Mauricio Resende of Amazon and Gerrit Timmer of ORTec: see the main programme for more details

8. Evening visit to Amazon's newest and largest Fulfillment Centre

9. Plus a huge programme of technical presentations, social events and exhibits, to help you keep up with the latest developments, find inspiration for improving your practice, and build your O.R. professional network.


If you would like to get involved, please contact [email protected]