Visit to AMAZON Fulfillment Center

The excursion is fully booked with over 300 partipants!

It will start at 17:30 on Monday, in Building CW (Aula Magna), where the participants will be taken by buses to the Amazon FC.

Operations is at the heart of the Amazon experience as Amazon delivers millions of products to hundreds of countries worldwide. The Company is doing things every day that have never been done before - providing a huge selection of products and continuing to fulfill orders quickly and accomplishes this by solving complex problems with ingenuity and simplicity. Amazon Fulfillment Center located in Poznan, the most modern in the entire European Fulfillment Network, is opening its doors to the participants of the 28th European Conference on Operational Research, who will enjoy a unique 1,5 hour-long tour explaining what happens after a customer clicks 'buy' on Amazon websites.